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Canadian Securities Commission: Over Half a Million Ontarians Currently Holding Crypto

  • Bitcoin News
  • July 1, 2018
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A study by the Ontario Securities Commission reveals that over half a million people, 5 percent of Ontario residents, currently own cryptocurrencies. The report also shows how they invest, how many owned crypto in the past but not anymore, and details of those investing in tokens. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space 5% of […]

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Bitcoin To ‘Disappear In A Puff Of Smoke?’ – Or Are The Fires Just Getting Stoked?

The bears are again out in full force, grumbling on about the impending death of Bitcoin.  History and fundamentals suggest that the cryptocurrency is far from becoming ‘wiped out.’ ‘A Puff Of Smoke’ I’ve been reading a lot of news lately about the declining price of Bitcoin and have received some ‘I told you so’s’ […]

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With 500K Active Users Dreamteam Is Prime to Lead the Esports Market

A few months back there was a lot of buzz about a new esports blockchain, Dreamteam. The company built an Ethereum based recruiting and management system for eSports. It helps a booming industry with their growing pains in a revolutionary way. It didn’t take long for the gaming market to explode into a $100 billion industry. […]

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Is Bitcoin the Best Way to Invest in Blockchain?

<br />Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but is investing in the first and foremost cryptocurrency the best way to invest in blockchain technology? Bitcoin, The Pioneer Bitcoin gets a lot of attention. It was the first digital currency to solve the long-contemplated double-spend problem. It introduced the “blockchain” and it pioneered a new asset class […]

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2.3 Million Cryptocurrency Addresses Monitored by Clipboard Hijacking Malware

CryptoCurrency Clipboard Hijackers — malware which replaces cryptocurrency wallet addresses with attacker’s addresses via Windows’ copy and paste mechanism — are not particularly new. However, one new sample has been discovered which monitors more than 2.3 million cryptocurrency addresses.  Clipboard Hijacking on the Rise Nobody ever called cryptocurrency ‘user-friendly.’ (Or, if they did, they were […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: New Low on Low Volume Breeds Potential Bullish Set-up

Bitcoin sits precariously perched at the bottom of the annual market low and many bitcoin investors aren’t sure what to make of it. Although the market seems to be continuing its drift to new lows with greater and greater ease, there are a couple of bullish signals worth considering while the market continues to consolidate:  […]

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Bitcoin Hashrate Drops as China Floods Knock Out ‘Tens Of Thousands’ of Miners

Bitcoin network hashrate appeared to dip June 27, coinciding with reports floods in China had inundated and destroyed “tens of thousands” of miners.  Machines ‘Beyond Repair’ According to local Chinese media reports, the floods occurred principally in the country’s western Sichuan province, an area which accounts for around 70% of China’s mining output. Despite claims […]

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Winning Blockchain Might be Worth Trillions, Suggests Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm that manages $1 billion in assets, is planning on it rich by investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry — which it views as potentially being worth a trillion dollars in the future.  ‘It’s not at all crazy’ Union Square Ventures, named after its location in […]

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