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FedEx Institute Partners With Pharmacy to Use Blockchain for Cancer Medicine Distribution

  • Bitcoin News
  • July 6, 2018
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The FedEx Institute of Technology has partnered with Good Shepherd Pharmacy to build a blockchain system to help disadvantaged get needed medications

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Cryptocurrency Exchange to Sponsor English Premier League Club

The newly-promoted English Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers will sport cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinDeal on its sleeve for the first time in the club’s history.  Top-Flight Promotion The Wolverhampton Wanderers, known as the Wolves’, will be returning to England’s top flight for the first time in six years. Additionally, the club has signed a deal […]

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Fighting for Freedom in Venezuela: How Crypto Helped Héctor’s Family Buy Food

On July 1, 2018, Héctor* received 0.5 nano. The transaction was a first for the Venezuelan, and he received it thanks to a donation from one of his fellow countrymen. To some, the roughly $1.80 sum in USD may be inconsequential. But to Héctor, whose country’s native currency is worth next to nothing, it was […]

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Estimated 4 Million Bitcoin is Lost Forever by Users’ Forgetfulness

As much as 20 percent of all the Bitcoin in existence is lost forever, Chainalysis has revealed — as the research firm says it handled contracts worth $750,000 since 2016. ‘We Don’t Help People Find Lost Bitcoin’ In comments to The New York Times, Chainalysis said that user failures to create robust methods of password […]

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Winklevoss-owned Gemini Crypto Exchange Hires NYSE Tech Chief

Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, announced earlier today that it will be bringing former NYSE Chief Information Officer Robert Cornish aboard as its first Chief Technology Officer. Wall Street Execs Jumping into Digital Currencies Several top Wall Street executives have left traditional finance for the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, and […]

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Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Exchanges, Altcoins and Allegations

Coinbase continues to grow with their new high-end investment product Coinbase Custody, while Binance had to run a system update following some issues with its Syscoin wallet API. On the topic of regulation, the EU has put out another report on virtual currencies warning officials not to ignore them but treat them like any other […]

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Swiss Stock Exchange Operator Plans to Launch Crypto Exchange

SIX, the firm that operates and owns the Swiss stock exchange, has announced plans to launch a fully regulated digital cryptocurrency exchange. The firm says it plans to launch “the first market infrastructure in the world” which will “offer a fully integrated end-to-end trading” while providing a safe environment where digital assets can be issued […]

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‘Why Don’t You Adopt It?’ Andreas Antonopoulos Advocates Decentralized P2P Commerce

Andreas Antonopoulos thinks it is not important whether retail giants such as Amazon adopt Blockchain, instead urging consumers to adopt it themselves. ‘Person-to-corporation-to-corporation-to-Visa-to-investment bank-to-MasterCard-to-corporation-to-JPMorgan Chase-to-corporation-to-person’ Speaking as part of a Q&A session during an appearance at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Vienna in May, the celebrated cryptocurrency educator said that commerce “has always been local” […]

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