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MLB Crypto Baseball Is Bringing Blockchain to America’s Pastime

A blockchain gaming company is set to release “MLB Crypto Baseball” after agreeing to a licensing deal with Major League Baseball. It is anticipated to be similar to the popular Ethereum-based CryptoKitties blockchain game. Major League Baseball, like many sports leagues across the world, is devoting a lot of resources towards staying technologically innovative. In […]

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What Does the Future Hold for Augur’s Prediction Market?

Following great delays and great fanfare, Augur’s decentralized prediction market has launched. One week on, an examination of the sort of wagers it’s attracted shows the ways in which the Ethereum-based project can be harnessed as well as the potential hazards. How decentralized is Augur and, if push came to shove, could the platform prove […]

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AmWager Becomes the First to Accept Bitcoin Deposits for Bets on Horses

In the latest example of the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in gambling, you can now use Bitcoin to bet on horses., a website for watching and betting on live horse racing, has started accepting deposits in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. A First for AmWager.Com and American Live Horse Race Betting According to an announcement made […]

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PoWx Seeks to Change Bitcoin Mining with “Optical PoW”

Nonprofit organization PoWx has launched this week with the goal of boosting the idea behind proof of work (PoW) through more innovative algorithms. The company is seeking to decentralize Bitcoin mining and make it more accessible to consumers through a new technology that executives have dubbed “optical PoW” — a new type of hardware that […]

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Op-Ed: Bitcoin’s Roots in the Great Law of Peace

Bitcoin, in its nine years of existence, has steadily gained traction, defining itself as a new digital gold. Early adopters of this technology have shown excitement for the potential of this inflation-proof sound money. With steady increase in value over the years, this new invention of money has established its position in finance. The gold […]

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‘Be Vigilant’ – One Person Behind Lightning Network 220% Capacity Spike

Concern is mounting over Bitcoin’s Lightning Network after an advisor to pro-Bitcoin Cash website almost doubled its capacity this week. Advisor Doubles Lightning Capacity Andreas Brekken, owner of and an associate of owner Roger Ver, who has publicly criticized Lightning, currently controls a Lightning Network node with a capacity of 35.4 […]

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Bitcoin ‘Bat Signal’ Appears on Slovakia’s Central Bank

Banks in Slovakia, including the country’s central bank, briefly hosted a giant Bitcoin logo on their exteriors July 11 as part of an unannounced protest by a local action group. Slovak Banks ‘Remain In Darkness’ Photo and video evidence from around the capital Bratislava showed various institutions with a black-and-white ‘bat’ logo depicting Bitcoin and […]

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