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UK Police Can’t ‘Hodl’

Surrey Police has officially become the first UK police force to effectively seize and convert bitcoin. However, due to active legislation, the police sold the cryptocurrency just before its all-time-high.  Last year in April, Surrey Police seized 295 bitcoins held by now-convicted criminal Seregjs Teresko. The wrongdoer is serving more than nine years of jail […]

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Bitcoin Makes Major Headway: CFA Exam Will Now Include Crypto Topics

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are making serious headway in the financial industry, the most recent sign being the decision by the CFA Institute, which offers the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, a three-level program, to include cryptocurrencies and blockchain to its Level I and II curriculums next year, according to Bloomberg. The material for the 2019 […]

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Lition is The World’s First Operational Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform

“Bringing power to the people,” is the motto of Berlin-based Lition, and the green energy blockchain trading platform is poised to do that globally. The project brings transparency and sustainability into the currently closed-off energy system and directly links clean energy producers to consumers on Lition’s blockchain application. The company is already licensed as an […]

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Coinbase Forms Political Action Committee, Seeks Greater Cryptocurrency Lobbying Presence in Washington

Coinbase, the popular US-baed cryptocurrency exchange platform, has formed a political action committee (PAC) ahead of the United States midterm elections in November 2018.  Coinbase Forms PAC Politico correspondent Colin Wilhelm tweeted the news yesterday that the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform had formed a PAC. The report was later confirmed via a Federal Election […]

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